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Call (800) 932-2358 to discuss becoming a Vicenza Designs Authorized Dealer.

Do You Qualify

Applying for membership is easy: download the Dealer Agreement and either the Credit Application or Credit Card Authorization Form. After completely filling these forms out fax or email those to us along with the required valid documentation (see list below). Once your application is approved we will send you an email confirmation. Then check your mail for supporting literature, pricing and sample information.

The following documentation is required to become a qualified Vicenza dealer:
  • Approved credit application or credit card authorization form
  • Copy of Resale License/Permit
  • Purchase a minimum of three display boards or $1,000 in loose knobs (showroom dealers)
  • Verification of physical showroom, website promotion or literature distribution

As noted above, include a copy of your Resale or Sales Tax Certificate. Without this documentation, sales tax will be applied to all orders.

Fax or email the application and appropriate documents to (702) 651-1303 or

Download the Vicenza Designs' Dealer Agreement, Credit Application, Credit Card Authorization

Placing Vicenza Designs' Dealer Orders Is Simple

Provide your account number to receive the appropriate dealer discount when ordering online, via fax or over the phone. Our friendly customer service team is available 8:00 - 4:00 p.m. Pacific Time to answer your questions and take your orders.

Contact The Vicenza Design's Dealer Support Department

Phone: (800) 932-2358 or (702) 651-1304
Fax: (702) 651-1303

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(800) 932-2358 or (702) 651-1304


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